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External Resources & Referrals

External Resources/Referals

The list you find below will be for resources for DR applicants who we have rejected. This site is under construction so the sites are not live yet.

Conflict of Interest

This page is for DR cases where we have either assisted the opposing party on the application or we have represented anyone against the applying party.

Out of Jurisdiction in Utah (ULS referral)

This page is for DR applications where we have found that the applicant and opposing party live outside Salt Lake county or the case is already filed in another county. This will primarily encourage them to apply with ULS.

Out of Jurisdiction and not ULS

This page is for DR applicant who do not live in Salt Lake County and are not a match for Utah Legal Services. This will provide them with how to register a foreign order as well as other resources within Utah and basic instruction on how to use google to find a better resource.

Pro Se Divorce and Custody Resources

This page is for DR applicants where we cannot offer full representation (over income guidelines, too ongoing, or other) and contains the information needed for the applicant to continue their case pro se.

Modification Resources

This page is for DR applicants where we could not offer full representation for their modification and contains information needed for them to continue with their modification pro se.

Enforcement Resources

This page is for cases where the applicant is requesting help with an enforcement case or issue and provides them with resources to continue with their enforcement case pro se.

Guardianship Resources

This Page is for DR applicants with guardianship cases where we are unable to offer full representation and provides information so they can pursue their case pro se.


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